Unstitched Lawn Collection by Pakistani Designer Sapphire – we loved it!

Unstitched Lawn Collection by Pakistani Designer Sapphire

Sapphire Pakistan has come with a ravishing new summer collection and we are wonderstruck by its beauty.

This gorgeous collection has two volumes and loads of beautiful dresses. Sapphire summer collection 2019 has beautiful colors, combinations, and contrast.

They have expertly played with color and patterns and rightfully won our hearts.

One of the best features of sapphire’s latest collection is that it has also experimented with lots of summer fabrics, such as dobby, lawn, viol, and jacquard.

We can find all these fabrics of their best quality in this collection.

The right use of fabric with bright colors and print and embroideries can be found there. Anyone can be amazed by the craftsmanship, creativity, and expertise they have and put in their work.

They have in store for us beautiful prints and embroideries as well.

They have played with them well and produced some beautiful combinations of prints and embroidery.

Also, the dupatta has been given special attention and their print and colors are chosen with care.

The dupatta alone can add special weight to the overall beauty of the dresses. Also, even in dupatta, they have used different fabrics with different kinds of dresses.

You can find there viol, lawn, chiffon and silk dupatta.

Sapphire Lawn SALE with Price

Embroidered Lawn Suit with Price

Sapphire Embroidered Lawn Suit with Price

Elegant Pakistani red dress with beautiful white embroidery, in contrast, making it looks extremely pretty and beautiful.

The dress is made of dobby fabric which lets it give the feel it intends to give.

This dress has printed trousers and an elegant digital printed silk dupatta.

Price: 6990/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-2/products/majestic-01

Simple Lawn Suit for Working Women

Sapphire Simple Lawn Suit for Working Women

This summer season is apt for this sapphire’s beautiful white and blue dress for any day or nighttime event, meeting or hangout.

This jacquard dress has embroidered front and sleeves.

This pearl white dress is paired with plain trousers and a beautifully printed pure chiffon dupatta.

Hence this dress can give you a formal, stylish and beautiful look for any event this summer.

Price: 6990/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-2/products/blue-jewel-01

Embroidered Lawn Dress at Sapphire SALE

Sapphire Embroidered Lawn Dress at SALE

Buy this gorgeous dress made of textured lawn by Sapphire summer collection 2019.

This dress has an attractive navy blue color and white pretty embroidery over it. This dress comes with embroidered patti and border.

Also, this dress comes with an equally beautiful viscose chiffon printed dupatta.

Price: 3290/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-2/products/navy-peony-01

Yellow Summer Suit by Sapphire

Sapphire Yellow Summer Suit

A beautiful revitalizing lawn two-piece dress having beautiful embroidery over it is a must-have this summer.

This yellow color dress with a lighter shade in the shirt is so refreshing that it makes a perfect dress for the summer season and in the blazing heat, it can make you look and feel light.

It comes with a printed blended chiffon dupatta and plain trousers.

Price: 2790/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-2/products/blithe-a

Sapphire ONLINE

Pakistani Summer Dress

Sapphire Pakistani Summer Dress

Buy this elegant three-piece Pakistani suit by Sapphire having a soothing peach-colored dobby shirt.

This shirt has embroidery on the front and back.

Also, it comes with dyed trousers and a beautifully printed off-white chiffon dupatta.

This dress can make you look stunning at any night event this summer.

Price: 4490/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-2/products/tea-rose-01

Tropical Motif Summer Lawn Suit

Sapphire Tropical Motif Summer Lawn Suit

A very elegant and attractive blue-colored textured lawn dress can make you look young, cool and perfect in the blazing heat.

This beautiful two-piece dress comes with a tropical motif and ravishingly printed dupatta in voil.

Price: 4250/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-2/products/glow-glam

Pink Dress for Pakistani Girls

Sapphire Pink Dress for Pakistani Girls

Red is the color of all seasons. It can make you look fresh, young, beautiful, and full of life on any day possible.

Added with fine fabric and beautiful print and embroidery work, it can make you stand out.

So apt for this red printed lawn dress with embroidered border and make a statement this summer.

Price: 4250/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-1-19/products/jewel-dream-b

Embroidered Dress

Sapphire Embroidered Dress

A beautifully textured lawn dress in powder blue has such a light feeling and can make you look stunning any day.

This dress has an embroidered neckline and shirt front. Also, the trouser is embroidered at the border.

It comes with a matching chiffon dupatta to enhance the look.

Price: 4250/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-1-19/products/bluebell

Sapphire Clearance Sale 2019

Angrakha for Summer Weddings

Sapphire Angrakha for Summer Weddings

This beautiful dress has a white shirt with gold embroidery around the neckline and at the border as well.

This elegant dress has a light saffron-colored dupatta and shalwar. The trouser is embroidered at the bottom.

Also, the dupatta is made of chiffon fabric and has a beautiful digital print over it.

Price: 4250/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-1-19/products/gold-saffron

Sapphire Eid Dress

Sapphire Eid Dress

Buy this elegant and sophisticated dress by Sapphire summer collection 2019 online.

This beautiful dress has a grey and aqua-colored shirt with beautiful embroidery on the hem and embroidered patti.

This dress has a beautiful chiffon dupatta with beautiful blue embroidery at the corners.

Price: 4250/-

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-1-19/products/ebb-flow

Pakistani Dress in the UK

Sapphire Pakistani Dress in UK

A drop-dead gorgeous dress in cream color is a must-have this summer. This dress can make you look dignified at any event and outing.

A perfect formal wear summer dress it is. It has a beautiful embroidered patti and border in green. This contrast gives life to the dress.

Also, it comes with a pure silk dupatta with an elegant print on it. To complete and compliment the look, it has embroidered cream-colored trousers.

Price: 6450

Buy here: https://pk.sapphireonline.pk/collections/lawn-vol-1-19/products/bellisima

There are many more of these beautiful dresses in this collection. The sapphire has come out with two lawn volumes this collection and it is only a peek through it.

There are more pretty colors, prints and beautiful embroideries in this collection that can make one want to have them all.

Our verdict is that this summer and on all events, dress yourself up in a sapphire dress to make a statement.

So, don’t waste time and get your favorite sapphire dress now at www.sapphire.com.

Also, if you like to shop manually, sapphire shops are spread all over Pakistan.

From Lahore, Karachi, Sialkot to Bahawalpur, Rawalpindi, and Multan, you can go to your nearest store and get your favorite dress right away.

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